HOPE Bumps: Join the Conversation!

To inaugurate A New HOPE (the name of this year's conference) as well as the new venue, and most especially, the hopefully-soon-end-of-a-terrible pandemic, we're putting together something special for the community.

Some of you may recall the "bumps" we did for HOPE 2020. They were a great success: easy to make, a way to show off cool projects, and most important, a way for people to reach out and say "Hello" during an awful time. We want to revisit that concept with a new twist: sharing the messages publicly before the conference, and then making a special video showcasing some of the cool people in the community.

If you're interested in participating, just record a video of yourself saying something along the lines of "It's time for A New HOPE!" and send it to us via Twitter (@hopeconf) or Instagram (@hopeconf) with the hashtag #anewhope. If desired, please include a comment with the correct spelling of your name, and how you want to be identified (such as "hardware hacker"). You can be wearing whatever you want, and film it from wherever you want. We'll compile many of these short clips into a video and let you know when it is released.

Thanks for all your help. Together we'll make this the best HOPE conference yet!

Nextcloud Video Upload Instructions:
If you do not want to use Twitter or Instagram, please upload the video to our nextcloud. If you have any issues, email us at bumps@hope.net.